Johnny Matcha

100g Matcha Tin

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Hand made in Chiba, Japan. Each tin is expertly crafted In the Traditional style using techniques not changed for over 110 years. The body consists of a double lid, one outside and one internal, this helps to keep the matcha fresh and to reduce oxidation. This 100g Matcha Tin is ideal for those who are frequent matcha drinkers, storing up to 50 servings at a time. 

A Message From Kotodo
“Ever since the company was founded in 1910, we have been crafting our canisters with the single goal of providing products that delight our customers.

Since when our founder Chuzo Takahashi first started making the canisters by hand, much about the way we craft our product with utmost care to satisfy our customers has remained unchanged. Today, after 112 years, we are still crafting each of our canisters with the same cherished technique that cannot be replicated in mass production, the effect of which is evident in the details.

In the words of our fourth-generation president, Shoki Takahashi: “Because the canisters are something we use every day, we’ve been doing our best to make them handy, safe, and worthy of winning affection over repeated use. That’s all there is to it. And no matter how much time and effort we devote to crafting them, they are tin canisters after all, so we can’t charge a lot for them. In this day and age, we also want to make sure they are environment-friendly. Obviously, this is not about maximizing profit.”

Although our craftsmen and the tools they use may be different after 112 years, our original principles and techniques live on. At Kotodo, we aim, as we always have, to deliver to our customers products that contain more value than their prices. Each time you open our canister, you will experience the pleasant smoothness of the craftsmanship.”