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Each Chasen is meticulously hand crafted, just for you.

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Welcome to a world where the authentic taste of Uji’s matcha green tea comes to life. Our goal is to connect tea lovers worldwide with the finest matcha directly from the lush fields of Uji, Japan. Our dedicated farmers expertly produce and curate each matcha variety we offer, ensuring that they maintain vibrant green hues, enticing aromas, and full-bodied flavors our customers adore. By working closely with these passionate farmers, we're able to bring you the freshest, highest-quality matcha green tea available. Discover the difference our farm-to-table approach makes and elevate your daily tea experience with the unparalleled taste of Uji's matcha green tea

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Johnny Matcha is always top quality. I've always had issues finding the perfect matcha, and I for sure did here!

Santa Clarita, CA

The Best Matcha I've Ever Had!!!

Johnny Matcha's matcha is so smooth and fresh tasting! I drink it every morning in a coconut milk, ice frap-like blend. I love the way it energies me. I feel awake and ready to go, but I'm also chill, and focused, not antsy. I would highly recommend trying any of the Matcha blends.

Tampa, FL

Smooth and Delicious

The best matcha I’ve ever had!

Nashville, TN

A latte for a little

I've been hunting for a bargain matcha that I knew was still completely pure and safe. This stuff is delicious with just a splash of soy or oat milk. It's weaning me off coffee! Glad to know it's supporting multi-generation family farms as well.

Jacksonville, FL

Best taste with the best customer service!

Had a delay in my shipment due to relocation and he refunded my shipping costs and sent me an extra bag of matcha! Didn’t have to do that but wow how nice ☺️ will be re-ordering!

Hampton, FL

A true Yabukita

The color is bright, the scent strong and deep, the flavor an earthy umami. Works really well for lattes, but holds up well as thin tea as well due to the strong presence of umami. Perfect for fall or with dessert.

Grassy Notes Matcha
Boston, MA