Our Mission

Welcome to Johnny Matcha, where we are much more than just a matcha company. Our mission goes beyond our passion for matcha; it's about the stories, the people, and the centuries-old tradition that stands behind every cup. 

We stand side by side with the dedicated farmers who tirelessly cultivate Japanese tea, aiming not only to preserve the rich history of this tradition but to let it thrive in real time. We're well aware of the rise of commercial farming and its effects. However, we champion authentic matcha, the kind that truly reflects the craftsmanship and passion of its growers. 

When you're sipping Johnny Matcha, you're not just savoring a superior tea; you're supporting a vision, a community, and a way of life. We're here for you, our matcha-loving family, to offer the genuine, soulful matcha experience.

Our invitation is simple. Join us in our mission. Be a part of the celebration of the magic of matcha, and help us champion the hardworking individuals behind it. With every cup, we toast to authentic matcha, a thriving tea tradition, and a future we all believe in.

This is Johnny Matcha: a community, a family, united by a shared love for real, authentic matcha. We're committed to creating a space where everyone feels acknowledged, a place where each story matters. 

We're also here to amplify the voices of our dedicated farmers in Japan, to share their stories and the incredible craftsmanship that goes into every leaf they cultivate. 

Join us in this journey of connection, through acknowledgement, empathy, and love. We're not just offering a product, we're building a community that nurtures the heart and soul. At Johnny Matcha, it's all about the matcha, the people, and the love that binds us together.